Possible Background readings for neurobiology of learning and memory: relevant chapters from any of the following books

Required READING

Rioult_Pedotti, M., Friedman, D., Hess, G., & Donoghue, J. P. (1998). Strengthening of horizontal cortical connections following skill learning. Nature Neuroscience, 1, 230-234.

Quiz for Rioult-Pedotti's paper

  1. how do you describe this research in 4 sentences (in point form)?
  2. what is LTP? why was LTP procedure implemented in this study?
  3. describe the procedures in the study that ensured the conclusions were valid (i.e., without these procedures, alternative interpretations of the results could be given).

Further readings:

Martinez, J. L. Jr. & Derrick, B. E. (1996). Long-term-potentiation and learning. Annual Review of Psychology, 47, 173-203.

In this review paper, only the part of article under the following heading is directly relevant to our experiment: