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Instruction for literature search


2.      Mac Library Catalog:

3.      Perform literature search from the following online reference databases to find the citation of journals articles and book chapters related to your project

1.      PsycInfo

2.      Medline 

3.      ISI  

4.      Use  "WhereToFindArticles" Guide by Dr. Sun to locate articles (full text electronic file or hard copy) once you find the citation.  

5.      Lists of journals that provide full text articles posted on web (you might only be able to access them from a McMaster IP address). 

1.      Dr. Sun’s list extracted from Mac Library

2.      List from or linked from Mac Health Lib:








3.      Dr. Sun’s list extracted from Science Direct web edition (which provides access to FULL TEXT articles published within the most recent 12 months)

6.      Other multi-journal web sites

1.      ScienceDirect-WebEdition:

2.      NeurosciOn:

1.      offer more issues than Sci Direct

2.      link to “related articles” or articles by same authors

3.      need to type in password to download each article

4.      free right now

3.      CatchWord:

1.      link to related articles, cited articles

4.      Ideal:

1.      browsing done on March 23, 2002

5.      BioMedNet:

6.      Kluwer:

7.      HighWire:

1.      neurosci:


8.      Oxford:

1.      list includes info on start date

9.      Lawrence Erlbaum:

1.      can not be activated by Mac Lib for full text access for the journals not subscribed

10.   Cambridge:

1.      some with a fee for full text

2.      browsing done on March 23, 2002

11.   WileyInterScience,

1.      Psychology: (screening done by HJ)

2.      Life Science: (screening done by HJ)

12.   PsycLine:

13.   PsychWatch:

14.   APA, member only,

15.   Scirus:

1.      search engine

16.   Ingenta:|-4544941048948487118/-1052814329/6/7051/7051/7052/7052/7051/-1

1.      indirect list

2.      vary with journals some free, some sci direct, some fee

17.   ContentsDirect:

1.      Elsevier Science book and journal

18.   Current Trends  -

19.   Current Opinion -

20.   Current Biology -

21.   LS Reviews      -

22.   CogPrint:

1.      an electronic archive for papers on cognition (not from any particular journals)

7.      If the articles are not available in McMaster library or through internet (full text), you can ask Dr. Sun to request interlibrary loan.

1.      You could start the project by checking out the articles selected by Dr. Sun (on reserve in Health Science Library).


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