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Allison B. Sekuler

JS Husk,LR Betts, KM O'Craven, PJ Bennett, AB Sekuler (submitted)

House learning alters neural signatures of house processing, not FFA


KS Pilz, PJ Bennett, AB Sekuler (under revision for resubmission)

Effects of aging on biological motion discrimination


Z Hussain, AB Sekuler, PJ Bennett (in press)

How much practice is needed to produce perceptual learning? Vision Research


Y Konar, PJ Bennett, AB Sekuler (in press)

Holistic processing does not predict face identification. Psychological Science


AB Sekuler (in press) Vision and aging. In B Goldstein (Ed.), Sage Encyclopedia of Perception. Sage Publications, Inc.


GA Rousselet, JS Husk, CR Pernet, CM Gaspar, PJ Bennett, AB Sekuler (2009)

Age-related delay in information accrual for faces: Evidence from a parametric, single-trial EEG approach. BMC Neuroscience, 10: 114.1-20


CP Taylor, PJ Bennett, AB Sekuler (2009)

Spatial frequency summation in visual noise. Journal of the Optical Society A, 26(11): B84-B93 (special issue on Ideal Observers and Efficiency)

Z Hussain, AB Sekuler, PJ Bennett (2009)

Perceptual learning modifies inversion effects for faces and textures. Vision Research, 49: 2273-2284


Z Hussain, AB Sekuler, PJ Bennett (2009)

Contrast-reversal abolishes perceptual learning. Journal of Vision, 9 (4):20.1-8


LR Betts, AB Sekuler, PJ Bennett (2009)

Spatial characteristics of center-surround antagonism in younger and older adults. Journal of Vision, 9(1):1-15.


S Govenlock, CP Taylor, AB Sekuler, PJ Bennett (2009)

The effect of aging on the orientation selectivity of the human visual system. Vision Research, 49: 2273-2284


CM Gaspar, AB Sekuler, PJ Bennett (2008)

Spatial frequency tuning of upright and inverted face identification. Vision Research, 48(28): 2817-2826


Z Hussain, AB Sekuler, PJ Bennett (2008)

Robust perceptual learning of faces in the absence of sleep. Vision Research, 48(28): 2785-2792


G Rousselet, CR Pernet, PJ Bennett, AB Sekuler (2008)

Rapid extraction of stimulus phase information during complex object processing. BMC Neuroscience 9:98.1-45


E Roudaia, PJ Bennett, AB Sekuler (2008)

The effect of aging on contour integration. Vision Research, 48(28): 2767-2774


G Rousselet, J Husk, PJ Bennett, AB Sekuler (2008)

Time course and robustness of ERP object and face differences. Journal of Vision, 8(12):3.1-18


M Nagai, PJ Bennett, AB Sekuler (2008)

Exploration of the vertical bias in perceptual completion of illusory contours: Threshold measures and response classification.  Journal of Vision, 8 (7):25.1-17


CM Gaspar, PJ Bennett, AB Sekuler (2008)

The effects of inversion and contrast reversal on efficiency and internal noise in face processing. Vision Research 48: 3350-3359


JS Husk, PJ Bennett, AB Sekuler (2007)

Houses and textures: Investigating the characteristics of inversion effects. Vision Research 47: 3350-3359


M Nagai, PJ Bennett, AB Sekuler (2007)

Spatiotemporal templates for detecting orientation-defined targets. Journal of Vision 7: 1-16


MD Rutherford, ED Richards, V Moldes, AB Sekuler (2007)

Evidence of a divided attention advantage in autism. Cognitive Neuropsychology 24: 505-515


MD Rutherford, KA Clements, AB Sekuler (2007)

Differences in discrimination of eye and mouth displacement in autism spectrum disorders. Vision Research 47:2099-2110


GA Rousselet, JS Husk, PJ Bennett, AB Sekuler (2007)

Single-trial EEG dynamics of object and face visual processing. Neuroimage 36:843-862


LR Betts, AB Sekuler, PJ Bennett (2007)

The effects of aging on orientation discrimation. Vision Research 47: 1769-1780


PJ Bennett, R Sekuler, AB Sekuler (2007)

The effects of aging on motion detection and direction identification. Vision Research 47:799-809


ER Richards, PJ Bennett, AB Sekuler (2006)

Age related differences in learning with the useful field of view. Vision Research 46:4217-4231


AB Sekuler (2005)

Neuroscience research has ramifications for older adults' performance in the real world. The Older LEARNer Fall, American Society on Aging


GA Rousselet, JS Husk, PJ Bennett, AB Sekuler (2005)

Spatial scaling factors explain eccentricity effects on face ERPs. Journal of Vision 5:755-763


JM Gold, RF Murray, AB Sekuler, PJ Bennett, R Sekuler (2005)

The decay of short-term visual memory is deterministic. Psychological Science 16:769-774


RF Murray, PJ Bennett, AB Sekuler (2005)

Classification images predict absolute efficiency. Journal of Vision 5:139-149


LR Betts, CP Taylor, AB Sekuler, PJ Bennett (2005)

Aging reduces centre-surround antagonism in visual motion processing. Neuron 45:361-366

AB Sekuler, CM Gaspar, JM Gold, PJ Bennett (2004)

Inversion leads to quantitative, not qualitative, changes in face processing. Current Biology 14 :391-396

JM Gold, AB Sekuler, PJ Bennett (2004)

Characterizing perceptual learning with external noise. Cognitive Science 28:167-207

SE Guttman, AB Sekuler, PJ Kellman (2003)

Temporal variations in visual completion: a reflection of spatial limits? Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance 29:1211-1227.

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A linear cue combination framework for understanding selective attention. Journal of Vision 3(2):116-145.

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Optimal methods for calculating classification images: Weighted sums. Journal of Vision, 2(1), 79-104,

AB Sekuler, PJ Bennett (2002)

Aidan Joseph Sekuler Bennett. St. Joseph's Hospital, Hamilton, February 22.

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Corticolimbic interactions associated performance on a short-term memory task are modified by age. Journal of Neuroscience, 20, 8410-8416.

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Deriving behavioural receptive fields for visually completed contours. Current Biology, 10, 663-666.

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Teaching the brain to see. Neuron, 27, 8-10.

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Effects of aging on the useful field of view. Experimental Aging Research, 26, 103-120.

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Signal but not noise changes with perceptual learning. Nature, 402, 176-178.

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Shape perception. In the MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science (editors: RA Wilson, FC Keil). MIT Press: Cambridge, MA.

AB Sekuler, R Sekuler (1999)

Collisions between moving visual targets: what controls alternative ways of seeing an ambiguous display? Perception, 28, 415-432.

AB Sekuler, PJ Bennett (1998)

Ryan Alexander Sekuler Bennett. Women's College Hospital, Toronto, March 21

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